Bergamo heat exchangers

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are particularly important are in the construction of chemical plants. Over Srl is also specialised in the construction of this type of machinery.


Heat exchangers are those components in which the exchanges of heat between two fluids at different temperatures take place.


As for the structure, during the construction of the heat exchangers (considered pressure devices), our techincal staff takes the official codes of mechanical calculation into account in order to preserve the safety of those who then will be responsible for working closely with the system.

- How do exchangers work? -

Their operation is theoretically quite simple: it consists of circulating pressurised gases within a very large bundle of tubes collected in a particular casing that are designed to provide the largest possible surface area to the surrounding environment. In this way the heat present in the gas in motion is transmitted rapidly and in large quantities - thanks to the width of the exposed surfaces - to the surrounding environment.

- Ancient principle for modern machines -

The first law of thermodynamics says: "when a body is placed in contact with a relatively colder body, a transformation takes place that leads to a state of equilibrium in which the temperatures of the two bodies are equal".


Therefore a heat exchanger uses this principle, namely the incessant passage of heat from warmer bodies towards those with a lower temperature. A passage that theoretically is exhausted only at the moment when a thermal equilibrium has been reached with the same amount of heat for both bodies.

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