Distillation columns

Distillation columns

As Over Srl is a leader at an international level in terms of chemical plants, its production also includes distillation columns, which are basic devices used in the chemical industry, indispensable for the production of any kind of material.

- What they are used for -

Distillation columns separate the various different compounds present within a single mixture. This separation takes advantage of the differences in the different compounds' boiling temperatures: when heat is provided to these columns, the mixtures inside them are brought to a boil.


Each component of each mixture will begin boiling at different times, thus reaching the head of the column at different times, where it will be directed to dedicated tanks that are able to enter into action subsequently.


Industrial chemical plants (Over Srl assembles and disassembles all its plants) are in dire need of equipment like this and that's why the Bergamo company has specialised in the construction of distillation columns where all the processes necessary for any type of chemical and industrial processing can take place.


Over Srl not only cares for even the smallest details in column design, but follows, step by step, all the processes that lead to the commissioning of the equipment, thanks to its specialised technicians who directly produce and install the distillation columns in any kind of chemical and industrial plant.


Those who turn to Over Srl know they can rely on a complete company, able to meet all kinds of needs of customers in the world of industrial chemical processing.


In Medolago, home of Over Srl, we design and produce everything that is then assembled directly to the target structures.

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