Industrial chemical plants

Chemical plants

Over Srl (Medolago - Bergamo) bases its activities on building chemical plants for industrial productions that treat materials or chemicals. Our machinery is equipped with specific technologies that are used in various industrial fields.


A plant consists of many "units" that coexist, cooperate and are in equilibrium with each other. The units are connected by tubing, piping, and other equipment that allows the movement of material from one part of the chemical plant to another. It does not matter whether they are solid, fluid or a mix of liquid-solid mixtures. Thanks to the chemical-physical operations that are the engine of the plants themselves, heat, matter and momentum exchanges take place until the creation of the final product.


Over Srl guarantees its plants for every need, directly performing their construction and dismantling.

- We assemble and dismantle our systems -

Industrial chemical plants (the sector in which Over Srl stands as one of the leading international companies) are among the main factors of economic growth in any country that has reached a certain level of development. In these plants a series of operations are performed that are the basis of the production of materials and substances, which are then in turn used for the creation of all other items that are the result of industrial machining: the objects and devices that populate our society.


Any company that is dedicated to the design and production of chemical plants and industrial facilities, or even just some of their components, must first of all maintain constant updating, not only at the level of knowledge and technological structures, but also with regard to labour and its technical components. For this reason, Over Srl - Industrial Chemical Plants spends a lot of its energy in research and development to continue to maintain the highest quality and reliability with respect to its customers.

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